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GIFT-twenty   $20 Gift Certificate
GIFT-fifty   $50 Gift Certificate
BAP-quarterpork   1/4 Whey-Fed Pork (deposit)
BAP-eighthbeef   1/8 Pastured Beef (full payment)
RMC-1841   1841
RMC-4dog   4 Dog Dill
RMC-brc   Barn Red Ched
RMC-brcwhole   Barn Red Ched
RMC-tip   Cowtipper
RMC-daisy   Daisy
HGB-Farmer-Zack-   Farmer Zack
RMC-high   Highlander
RMC-lida   Lida Gold
RMC-misty   Misty Morning
RMC-noble   Noble Road
RMC-NOBLT   Noblette
RMC-OMH   Old Man Highlander
HGB-TheBigCheese   The Big Cheese
HGB-Cheesemaker   The Cheesemaker's Box
HGB-Delight   The Delight
HGB-FarmerBill   The Farmer Bill
HGB-FarmersTable   The Farmers Table
RMC-udder   Udderly Hot
RMC-vamp   Vampire Slayer
RMC-vampwhole   Vampire Slayer

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